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My Darling,

I was so glad to receive your letters today and know that you are not angry at me any more. You've received my letter by now so perhaps you understand a little what prompted me to write it. Although, truthfully, I'm not sure myself yet what did.

Now as to the questions you asked in your letter. Naturally I want to come out there and marry you, although that wasn't really what I had in mind when I wired you. I just wanted to see you and have you love me and chase away all the fears that have been crowding my mind.

You ask if I want to wait a while. No! I'm sick and tired of waiting. That's all I've done. I want to see you now! War or no war! That sounds selfish, doesn't it? But you do understand how I feel, don't you?

What about your family situation? You said yourself that they would love me after they knew me. Well then why worry about it? And if they don't want me later on, can't we get along without them until they do get used to me? Anyway, it's you I'm marring - not your family.

Now about the feelings of my family. For some reason or other you have taken my family quite by storm and they say that as long as I have you and you me, that anything I decide is OK with them and they'll cooperate as much as they can. Swell aren't they?

Now as to my suggestions: I have enough money to make the trip and to keep me for a few days. Anyway if we're careful with the money - (and I'll see that we are!) All I want is a few days with you. As far as getting married, we'll see when I get there. I couldn't stay too long anyway because I'd hate to lose my job, although I would if it meant giving up those few days with you. I'm sure though that I can get at least a week off and that would be some thing, wouldn't it?

Do I have the same physical feelings as you? Of course, I do or else why do I want to be with you so badly. Because of that we might have to get married when I get there, or do you think we can control them? Anyway you must promise not to try and persuade me to give in until we are married and I assure you I won't need any persuasion (although I am still just a little bit afraid.)

You say you can't wait for me. Well, all you have to do now is write or call and I'll come immediately. There is nothing holding me back now except your final word to come. Please, Sweetheart hurry and tell me when to come and don't waste any more time than you have to.

Also, if I may ask a favor - will you send me a pair of wings! I still have the Air Corp. pair you gave me when you were here.

I've checked train schedules and rates. The fare is about $55.00 by coach and if I leave here at 4:00 p.m., I'll arrive there 9:30 the following evening. I'll wire the time of my arrival when I leave here and you can meet me. By the way do you get Sunday off? Perhaps you could get a weekend pass or for a couple of days or something. Do you think so?

I love your picture and look at it all the time, but do you think you could send me one where I could see your face? I suppose you have the ones I sent you by now. Sorry I didn't have any better ones but will take some when I get there.

I love you so, Gerry Darling, and want so badly to be with you, even for just a few days. So please don't disappoint me. Notify me to come at once.

It would be nice wouldn't it if we could be engaged at least but I guess not, huh!

By the way, young man. I answered all your questions and I shall expect you to do likewise in the future. Is OTS definitely out or have you done any more about it? If you have any pictures of your folks I'd like one please. Incidentally, where's the picture of that girl you were going to send me?

I'm waiting eagerly for your call or answer to me so please hurry.

All my love

  1. S. If you don't spend too much on drinks you'll have more for us when I get there and anyway I don't like people who get plastered. So there!
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