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Friday October 16, 1942

Hi Sweetheart,

Just a few lines to let you know that I still love you. You asked me in one of your letters if I still remember what you look like. Did you really think I could forget that easily? I have a picture of you in my mind as clearly as though I had just seen you yesterday. Don't you remember I used to tell you about that funny smile you had sometimes?

I have a little bit of a surprise for you. My boss gave me another raise starting on tomorrow's check of $2.50 a week more. It's 32.50. Not bad huh? I don't know why he should be so nice tome but then who am I to question additional money.

Of course all this extra money is going to make it harder for me to leave when I come to you, but I don't care- it's you I want - not a job or money.

I think I go around in a daze most of the time - dreaming of the wonderful pictures you draw of the time soon when we will be sharing the intimacies of married life. Oh, Darling, I can't wait - I want to be with you so badly.

I also try not to think too much of how swell it will be if you get to go to OTS. I understand that it might be in Virginia. Won't it be super!

Some of the girls are coming over tonight for a "hen session". I know they expect me to say something definite about you us but I don't know what to tell them so I guess I had just better say anything.

Don't forget to send me your address so I can write your sister or folks and please, Sweets, let me know as soon as you hear from your Dad if you decide to wait for his final consent. I'd like to talk to him either way, if possible.

P. S. - Did I tell you recently that I love you?
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