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Adele Glaser
Wednesday 11:00 P.M.
October 14, 1942

My Dearest,

I received your answer today and to say I was disappointed is putting it rather mildly. I'm terribly sorry that your folks object to your marring me but Sweetheart, do we really need to have their final consent? It seems to me that my folks should be the ones to object more that yours and as long as they're giving their consent, why should we have to wait any longer? You say that you're sick and tired of all this fooling around. How do you think I feel about it? I don't know where I am - am I going to marry the man I love or not? What do you think this suspense is doing to me? Oh, Gerry Honey, please do something to settle all this!

As for something (God forbid) happening to you don't you think I've thought about that? But, Darling, what am I here for? Aren't I capable of taking care of you if I have to? I have the education and experience and I'm perfectly healthy, and above all, I have you. Don't you think that will take care of everything? So, My Sweet, don't think about that anymore.

As for the financial end - as long as you can send for mother and me and have enough for you and me to live on as long as I can stay with you that's all that's necessary. After you're gone I can go back to my job, or if it's not open any longer, get another. I've taken care of myself until now and I can continue to do so. So with these factors out of the way, what reason is there still left for us not getting married?

When I think of all the time we've wasted so far and are wasting now, it makes me feel so dejected. Why should your folks want to stand in the way of the small bit of happiness we can grasp now! God only knows when you'll be back and we can be together again.

Each day that passes now is just another 24 hours gone by until your next letter, but when we're together each day will be a treasure gem to stow away in my memories. Does that sound poetic? I don't mean it to.

You still don't give me the address of your home. Why don't you let me write them? After all, they really don't know anything of me. Let me write them and tell them about us. I'll tell them all about my folks and me - send references if they want it. That's even more than you've done you know. Don't you think that would help? Or at least let me write and get acquainted with your sister. You said you were both very close. What does she think about all this? I have another picture like the one I sent you which I can send them. Don't you think they would like to see what I look like and would perhaps send me a picture of your family? So you realize that I don't have one of you? If you won't send me their address and let me write to someone there, you are withholding something you don't want me to know. Do you want me to feel this way?

About this girl, Evelyn, I would like to see my competitor - would you send me her picture? I do want you to be sure, though, that there really isn't any understanding between you and her. I don't like to hurt other people.

Incidentally, remember I told you on my way back from Boston, I stopped off in New York between trains for a couple of hours with a soldier. Well, he had only 5 cents in his pocket and still had a day and a half to travel. He was a very nice person who had a lot of troubles so I lent him a dollar because he didn't have any money for meals till he got back to camp. I didn't really expect it back but I received a very sweet letter from him this morning telling me his father had died, which was why he hadn't written sooner and he enclosed the dollar. Wasn't that nice?

Getting back to us again, if I'm coming there, you had better search around and find a Rabbi, also if we need to, get the license many days in advance. If you can't find a Rabbi, perhaps there is a Jewish Chaplain on the field.

One or two people are under the impression that you are giving me the run-around and have been quite frank about telling me so. But don't worry, Sweetheart, I told them where to head in at!

Did I tell you that Bobby was at Kelly Field in Texas? He writes Tootsie every day and sends her some little token every few days. He has sent her a small pin - a pair of wings - which I think is awfully pretty. Do you think you could send me one? By the way, do you still have the Air Corp. locket you bought me for my birthday? I saw a girl with one the other day and got to thinking about it. You remember you always forgot to bring it to me?

By the way, does your father intend to stay there until we get there if he gives his consent and will your mother come there??

I'll close for now but will say that I shall expect some kind of definitive answer in your next letter. You tell me in each letter of the wonderful times we shall have when we're together, but you keep putting them off. Please, Darling, hurry and make them come true.

I love you
  1. S Be sure to let me know as soon as you find out about OTS.
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