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Monday Night
October 12, 1942

Dearest Darling,

Got home just a little while ago - was shopping for the hat to go with the suit I've bought to be married in. I think you'll like them - they're simple but quite good looking.

How come no letter since last Wednesday? Has something gone wrong? Or did your Father arrive and stop communications?

Tell me, what is Tucson like? Is it a big city with nice stores for shopping? Does it get cool there in the evening?

My clothes, you know, are for fall and winter - will I be able to wear them there? Is there anything you would like me to send you? Are you able to get cigarettes or would you like me to send you some? Incidentally, did I tell you I've switched to your brand?

Darling, all this uncertainty and waste of time is making me awfully nervous. Do you think you'll send for me soon? Listen, Sweetheart, if you ever change your mind about me or decide to listen to your Dad, please write and tell me at once - don't let it drag. I could take it better that way.

Remember though that I love you and am ready to come whenever you want me.

Until then, I close lovingly yours

P.S. Have you heard anything about OTS yet?
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