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Oct. 10, 1942

Darling - Darling - Darling!

You don't know how good it is to be finally writing you again - to know exactly where you are. The arrival of your letters each day was the only thing that kept me going. Yesterday was the first day I didn't hear from you and you'll never know how blue I felt.

You say you wonder how I feel about coming to you - why, Sweetheart, I'm ready to leave this very minute. There's just two things which are keeping me back. First of all, you ask how my folks feel about us - about me coming to you. Well, Sweet, they're entirely agreeable except for one thing which has never been straightened out as yet - Your folks, Mom feels that we should have their consent - that I should call or write them or better still - to meet them. After all, they will want to see you again before you go across and what could be a better time than at our wedding? Here's the way I've figured it - they could come to St. Louis and get mother and me and go with us from here to you. You could have everything ready, such as hotel reservation, rabbi, etc. Or if they don't want to pass through St. Louis they could meet us in Tucson. We could all arrange to arrive there by next Saturday and be married Sunday Oct. 18th. Is that thinking to fast for you? Well that just shows you how much thinking I've been doing. You could call your Dad by long distance (reverse charges) make all arrangements and then have him call me.

Since you've already told him about us, there won't be much more to say - just to make final arrangements. If none of them feel that they can make the trip, at least have them call or write me, giving their consent. If none of this is done, Gerry Daring, I'm afraid my folks won't let me come to you. I've had enough trouble with them because you've kept all knowledge of their whereabouts from me up till now. I'm afraid, Honey, that I don't have any more defense left.

Whether they decide to come or not, I would like you to have them get in touch with me. Don't forget Dear, the longer this is delayed, the longer it will be before I can come to you and with your time here growing so short please hurry!

I don't feel that I'm asking too much in this instance. After all you know yourself that I've been very patient and trusting and don't you feel, too, that your folks would like to see their future daughter-in-law (or daughter, I hope)!

I hope that you won't waste any time because even if I come to you next week, there will be only two or three weeks left for us to be together. I'm not hesitating at leaving my home, job and folks to come to you so there shouldn't be any doubt in your mind as to my feelings.

The other thing is one which I'm not quite sure how to bring up and yet if I can't speak frankly to my future husband, I guess I can't to anyone. - I'm sure that I can scrape enough money together for me to get there, although it's about a hundred dollars for a round trip by Pullman. If I can't get that much I can come by coach as that's only about sixty-five dollars. The only thing is that it's a long trip - 2 days and 2 nights and it would be very tiring without any sleep. The thing is Mother wants to be with me when I get married and I would really like for her to be there. Of course she'll leave right after that. Then there's my living expense while I'm staying there with you. Maybe, though, I can get some sort of temporary job.

I've got most of my clothes already so there won't be any trouble about that. I just need my dress to be married in and I'm going down today to get that I think.

I can't think of anymore to tell you now. It's up to you to go ahead and make final plans. I shall expect to hear from you by Tuesday evening at the latest and If I do, we shall leave here Thursday night at 5:00 p.m. and arrive there Saturday at 5:35 p.m. (You see I've checked railroad schedules.) I've even checked airplane schedules, but that's much too expensive although it would take only 8 hours.

I think it best for us to be married on Sunday, don't you, so you can have the day off. I shall leave everything up to you now and hope you will give it all your immediate attention.

I can't think of anymore to tell you so I'll close and send this off immediately. I shall be waiting very anxiously for your call so please don't fail me.

I love you Darling

P.S. May I have an orchid as my corsage?
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