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Thursday September 15, 1942

Hello Darling,

Today is one of those days when I feel terribly affectionate. I could kiss you and kiss you - and you have to be so far away! Perhaps I feel this way because I haven't heard from you yet this week. Is anything wrong?

I do hope I didn't say anything in my letters I shouldn't have. I get so worried when I don't hear from you regularly. (Probably because you're such an unpredictable person.) You're really quite as bad as I am. That is one of my (bad or good) habits - being changeable or unpredictable.

I told Rich (that other fellow) that I couldn't see him anymore and he was really quite nice about it - considering.

Saturday night I saw the opera of the "Wizard of OZ". It was very good. Wednesday I'm going to the municipal opera again to see "Showboat". Do you like me to tell you of the things I'm doing or does it bore you? Please tell me if it does and I won't anymore.

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures to send you but I'm going to take some Sunday and will send them on to you then.

Do you remember the little nightclub where you used to like to go? I've never let anyone take me there since I went with you. I pass it every day you know, and each time I remember the fun we had there. It was fun, wasn't it? Remember how empty the place always was on Sunday nights? And how the man always had to tell us to go?

Those little butterflies have been having loads of fun in my stomach. Remember when you used tp tell me about them - do they still bother you?

Do you know there are loads of things I still don't know about you? Such as, what your favorite song is, your favorite color, what you like to eat, what books you like. Do you like the type of stories one reads in newspapers? I read an awfully good one yesterday. If you like that type I'll send you the story.

I do wish we could hurry up and make final plans, don't you. There's so many things I'll have to do - shopping, make some kind of arrangements about my job! (Probably quit because I don't know when I'll be back.) Alice wants to give me a shower and if the wedding can be here, as I'd like it to be, we'll have to make arrangements for that. I've been told that a soldier gets some leave when he is going to get married. Can you find out about that? Wouldn't you like to have me dressed as a bride? I'd love to - but of course I can't if we don't get married here.

I haven't told anyone that were engaged yet because you know how people are - they never seem to believe you unless they see the ring. Silly, isn't it , to think that they would let a ring make a difference? I wonder why people are like that - that material things make such a difference. I don't care though, I still feel engaged whether I have anything to show for it or not.

Do you think it would be nice to send your folks a picture of me? I have another one like the one I sent you. If you think they would like it, I'll send it to them when you give me the address. If you do think I should write them should I write to your sister or your parents? And what do you think I should say because you know them better than I. Gerry, do you really think they'll like me? And if we have the wedding here, they'll be able to come, won't they? If I do have a shower, it will be just a couple of days before the wedding so they can be here for that too. I want to arrange it so you can be here also 'cause everyone will be dying to meet you.

I'm sending you a package today. I hope you receive it all right. If you can't come here, you'll send for me en enough time so I can settle things here, won't you? If I do have to come wherever you are to be married, you'll send for your folks too won't you and I'd come with mine. I do want us all together for that at least, don't you?

I was watching the moon last night and it was a nice thought to think that the same moon was watching over you. Makes a kind of link between us.

I would have written sooner, Dear, but I've been in bed for a couple of days. Something I ate, I suppose. But I'm Ok now so don't worry.

Well I've done all the talking this time so I'm going to close now and give you a chance.
If you'll write me everyday, I'll answer. Please!

All my love
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