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Adele Glaser
September 1, 1942


You'll never know what your letter meant to me today after the past two weeks of not hearing from you. I nearly went crazy! I imagined everything - that you were shipped, that you were ill, or possibly that you didn't want to write to me at all! I don't understand though why you couldn't write, -- I don't understand why they wouldn't allow a prisoner to even write,do you? Incidentally, Darling when will you be out? Do you think there's any chance of your being shipped as soon as you do get out? I think I'd die if you were.

My Dad is your greatest champion and he scolds me all the time for ever doubting you. He thinks you're pretty swell - of course Mom does too!

I had oodles of things to say to you but somehow they all seem to float away when I sit down to write.

By the way, you never seem to answer any of the things I ask you in my letters. For instance, I asked you if Monty was with you. Ruth would like to write to him if you will send his address.

As for you, your folks and us getting together, St. Louis is about half way between Salt Lake City and New York, so I guess this is our best bet. I suppose we won't get to meet them until the wedding, but I don't know what we can do about that, do you? I do think, though, that we should hear from them first or that we should write them. Won't you at least send me their address and I promise not to write them until you tell me to. However, frankly speaking (as I know you want me to do) Mom and Dad think it is awfully queer that you won't send the address or have them get in touch with me. They almost think that perhaps you are holding something back or hiding something. I've tried to convince them but I don't think I've quite succeeded.

I suppose you know by now that I tried to call you long-distance last Friday. Also, according to whoever answered the phone, you didn't seem to be in the guardhouse at all. I was so angry when I heard that, that I almost hated you. I was all set to write you a horrible letter when I got your very sweet letter today. Oh, Gerry Darling, I wish all this terrible mix-up was completely cleared up and that I was with you again. With you holding me close, whispering sweet nonsense and kissing me over and over again. I'd almost squeeze you to death. I was so sure that thirty days wouldn't be long, but do you realize that only a little over two weeks have past and it seems like ages and ages! I want so very much to see you right now - this very minute.

I think of you in that stinky jailhouse and I get sick. Please, Dear, promise me that you'll be good from now on so that it won't happen again.

I'm going to write on the following page the words of a song which I'm sure you have heard. It's very popular and I think it fits us perfectly. Have you ever thought about it? Give me your opinion on its comparison with us.

"He Wears A Pair of Silver Wings"

Although some people say he's just a crazy guy
To her he means a million other things
For he's the one who taught that happy heart of hers to fly
He wears a pair of silver wings.

And although it's pretty tough the job he does above
She wouldn't have him change it for a king
An ordinary fellow in the uniform she loves
He wears a pair of silver wings.

She's so full of pride when they go walking
Every time he's home on leave
He with those wings on his tunic
She with her heart on her sleeve.

But when she's left alone and they are far apart
She sometimes wonders what tomorrow brings
For she adores that crazy guy who taught her happy heart
To wear a pair of silver wings.

There now, what do you think of it? Don't you think it's very fitting? I do and I love it.
I don't suppose I can make any plans since we can't set a date, although I wish we could. When do you think it will be? I'm so afraid you will be shipped out before we get a chance to do anything.

It would be wonderful when you get your leave if you could fly here and save all those days in travel. Then I think we should have the wedding immediately and spend whatever days we have left someplace where we can be alone - like the Ozarks or something. What do you think?

Then when you leave your post, I'll go along with you for as long as you are in this country - if you think we will be able to afford it. Or I maybe can find a job wherever you are - in Salt Lake City or close by.

Do you know that I think so much about us and make and unmake plans so much that I can hardly sleep at night - and when I do finally fall asleep, I dream so much, I'm all worn out in the morning.

I'm not making any definite plans because I won't know what to do until you know when you can come for me. Although I wish I could - Alice is dying to make plans for a shower for me but I can't let her until I am formally engaged because you know how people are at a shower - or do you? And, Honey, when you are ready to send me a ring, don't tell me about it will you? Just surprise me. You'll have to get married in your uniform, won't you? Do you think we could have a special one made, or something so that it will be a little bit different - more special, you know. I don't know whether to go ahead and have a wedding gown made for me or wait, what do you think? Do you think your folks will come down here for the wedding? I hope you can give me enough time so I can give my Boss enough notice. I suppose I'll have to quit but I don't know what I'll do then when I come back after leave?

I do hope you will give my your opinion on all the things I've asked you because I really don't know what to do about all of them.

I went down to Jefferson Barracks the other night with Tootsie to see Bobby. All the soldiers down there are terribly lonely and were awfully glad to see a girl. They were all very sweet and asked me to dance. I was worn out when I finally left but I didn't accept any dates so you don't mind do you? I was glad if I made any of them feel any better because I kept thinking about you so far away and wished someone would be nice to you.

I do wish I had a picture of you and want you to send me one as soon as you get out. I haven't had a chance to take any but will send them as soon as I do.

Will you call me the minute you get out? You can reverse the charges because I know you'll be broke. Let me know if you have run out of cigarettes yet and I'll send you some more. Is there anything else you would like to have? Some candy, perhaps? Or some cookies? Just say so. Darling , and I'll send them to you.

I hope you don't mind my typing this letter but I'm sure it's much more legible and would have been twice as long if I had written it in long hand.

I do wish, though, that I could express myself the way you do. Even though I'm not able to, I'm sure you realize just how much I love you, don't you?

Please, Dear, make the days hurry by so we can be together again. I'll close for now and get back to work. Everyone sends their love and I send you every bit of mine.

Please, Gerry honey, send me your folks address so I can pacify my parents. I promise not to write them until you tell me it's okay.

Incidentally, do you know what you mean by always wanting something and not knowing what it is you want. I have always been like that - but I too, no longer have any doubt in my mind - it's just life with you is what I want.

So long for now Darling

Hurry and write soon - I'm enclosing some more stamps so you can send it email or special delivery or both.

  1. S. Incidentally, to whom were you referring when you said you listened to a fool and all this mess was caused? You said yourself we should both tell the truth at all times so I'd want you to tell me.

I Love You
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