Jonas was a dapper man who worked in the garment industry. Rumor has it that he was a ladies man and control freak. As I recall, my Mom hinted that Jonas was occasionally abusive to Gussie.

Gussie's home was off limits to dust and dirt. When we visited we were not allowed to go into the living room. She had covers over the furniture. Heavy drapes were on the windows to prevent the sun from fading the rugs and other material. Gussie was also a hypochondriac.

I was told by a second cousin Gerry's 25 year disappearance was due to legal problems. This cousin said Gerry got in trouble with the Mafia. The rumor had it that Gerry was forced to take a 10 year rap for a crime he did not commit, to pay off loans he had. I have no proof of this. I have some correspondence showing Gerry owed taxes on a bar he owned in Manhattan. I also have a mug shot of Gerry dating from the 1950's.

To give credit where credit is due, Gerry took care of his father when he reappeared. (Even though it was with his father's money.) Gerry also made sure that if he died, Jonas was to be cared for. I met Gerry's last wife. She was a very nice woman who became close to my mother, telephoning many times. Maybe it was Gerry's wife who had a good heart and made sure Jonas was taken care of.
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