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Insight into Gerry
Letters written to my cousin Gerry, during World War Two, are found at this web site. The authors of these letters may still be with us. Help reunite the letters with them or their families. Share this web site with others. With luck the authors will be located. We are all connected through the phenomenon of "Six degrees of separation". Let's put it to good use now.

Pass - - on.

Check back here to learn if and when someone is located.
-- Doris Yasgur passed away. (From her grand niece)
-- Vyvyan Pickles is alive and well. I am talking to her and exchanging emails. She is a delight to communicate with.
-- Sara Tamblyn died in 1995 at the age of 103. I am in communications with her daughter who is now living in Florida.
-- Sara wrote her memoirs when she was 85. I am trying to have them published. Send me an email if you are interested in reading Sara's memoirs.
Dear Gerry
Adele Glaser
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