St. Vincent's Orthopedic Hospital
Northwood Hills
Pinner Middlesex England
Jan. 18, '47

My Dearest Gerry,
When are you coming to see me, flat on my back, immobilized?

Fell down kitchen stairs one morning, and broke my hip- bone. No one found me until nine hours later. The accident had it's funny aspects. It was snowing, so I pulled the contents of the laundry basket over me to keep out a little of the icy cold. At 6 o'clock, one of the P.G. came home, so I screamed like a stallion who has just winded a juicy mare! When the P.G. saw me on the floor in the dark, covered with soiled towels pajamas and handkerchiefs, he thought I had gone stark mad! His eyes popped.

It was one of the longest days I ever remember - shaking with shock and cold and excruciating pain - Like a day when you wait for someone you love. . . and they do not come.

One expects fractures in Tibet, but not in Southwick St.

The other funny thing was: - 8 hours after the operation, which took 4 hours (during the course of which 22 xray photographs were taken, while the "pegs" or "pins" were fixed), I came to. I found myself lying in an iron cage, intensely hot, with bright lights in it, bathed in hot flames of pain. I thought I had died and gone to Hell, which, as you know, I richly deserve.

I've been reading lots of books on what is called "The Jewish Question" it's in the forefront of the world's multiple problems. Wonder whether you are working with any of those organizations like Irgun Zwai Leumi? You could become a great leader of your own people, darling. For you have all the requisite gifts.

Poor T. is struggling with his job, plus my own work. Tania has been such a help - she does my laundry, shops, showers me with gifts. Her origins on an Australian farm, for country folk never pay a visit empty handed.

I may leave here next week, to complete my Sitzkrieg at home. The outcome of this complicated operation is doubtful, at best, I will not walk for only 3 months. Please help me over the long days of waiting by writing often. If you can drop in, give me notice, so that Mummy can put on her best face.

In a way I'm a war casualty! The Dr. says my bones have become brittle from 7 years of a calcium deficient diet. So I feel I've earned my 2,000,000 units of penicillin just like any GI.

Ever your loving friend,

(Everyone needs one person to whom they can talk off the record. For me, that person is you.)
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January 1947
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