May 26th.

Dear Gerry,

Sara and I am most anxious about you and cannot understand why we haven't seen or heard from you for weeks. I hope it doesn't mean that you have left the country in a rush and didn't have time to call in and say au revou. I see the "8th." are beginning to go, but if that is the explanation, I'm sure you would have let us know.

I feel pretty sure there must be other reasons and for the life of me I can't think what it may be unless you have got it into your head that you are no longer welcome here. If that's it please get it right out of your system! We've been good friends during the weary war years and it would be sad indeed if the friendship suddenly ceased because of some silly misunderstanding. We've liked knowing you and there's always a bed, a bath, and a meal for you in this house whenever you like to come, in peace just as in war. If necessary we'll throw the new lodger out in the street but there's plenty of room, as you know, without that.

Sara has told you about the burglary and that we have had to put a durable lock on the door for insurance purposes. If you should call when no one is in, use the new keys Sara sent you - one for the Yale and one for the Matice - giving the latter two turns. Much better however, to write or telephone when you are coming and we'll be ready for you with the fatted calf. Dan is in Germany, but will be back soon. Keeps asking when you will be here again for a good talk. The German War is over and we want to celebrate with you, Had hoped you would come to the cocktail party if only to show you that there are some pretty girls in England.

I hope you won't be leaving England for some time and will be able to see something of England under peace conditions, better still if it can be arranged for you to do a course at Oxford or Cambridge, which I know you have had in mind. You have all the ability and it would be a grand thing to do.

No more, but please come and see us soon - Sara is fretting because she thinks something has happened to you.

Yours ever,

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May 1945
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