Names and Faces
Joan Linda Varner
3304 Parkwood Ave.
Toledo 10, Ohio
1942 - 1945
Mom, Uncle Ned, Aunt Alye
Joan and two cousins
III Malvern, Gardens
Kanton, Harrow, Middlesex UK
Fall 1945
Shirley (Shayne) Gilner
6211 Orange Street
Las Angales 36, CA
Sally Gross
1454 Laurel Pl.
St. Louis 12, MO
1942 - 1945
Gerry left snap shots recording his many involvements. Many photo's identified the subjects many do not. He also left a long list of names and addresses. Here are all the pictures with names and addresses where possible. Clicking on the picture will bring you to one or more letters, if any.
Eva Mauck
3432 North Broad
St. Louis MO
Evelyn Lee Davis
2556 National Road
Elm Grove,
West Virginia
Lillian Kerley
3722 St. Louis Ave.
St Louis, MO
Thelma, Alfred Topping
Nov. 10, 1941
Elaine - 1942
Rudolph - Margeo
"Missy Dresses"
1375 Broadway
Longacre 3-5570
(124 North 15th St.
Phila. PA)
South Haven
Vyvyan Pickles
33 North Crescent,
Finchely, N. 3
Sara Tamblyn
9 Southwick St.
Cambridge Square
London W. 2.

November 7, 1943 to January 18, 1947
Sara was a 53 year old married American woman living in London.
Sara wrote over 120 letters to Gerry, dating from 1943 to 1947. These letters described what it was like living in London during World War II.
Abe Kapln
264 Park Ave.
Rochester NY
Georgie White
Gerry with friends - Do you recognize anyone?
Doris Yasgur
Utah Holel
262 Almind St.
Salt Lake City, Utah
Room 649
6227 Orange St.
Los Angeles, California
1943 - 1945
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Names and Faces
Irving Berger
Joe Lipkowitz
Jackie Sense (Male)
Lee (Female)
Hazel Collins
Doris - 1
Sally Gross
Elaine Gottfried
Shirley Gilner
Joan Varner
Utah Hotel's Letter
Yolanta Poptawska
Vyvyan Pickles
Index of Sara Tamblyn's Letters
Insight into Gerry
Adele Glaser
Cathy Kueper
Sara's Handwriting
Doris - 2
Age 16 1/2
(Aug. 1941)