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My cousin Gerry joined the U.S. Airforce right after Pearl Harbor, and spent most of World War II in London, England. This web site contains letters sent to Gerry during his time as part of the 331st. Bomb Squadron - 94th. Bombardment Group of the U. S. Army Airforce. The letters from his girl friends and army buddies were written from 1942 to 1947. The recently found letters, along with pictures, waited for over fifty years to be reread.

There are over 120 wonderful letters (these are transcribed) from Sara Tamblyn, a 40+ married American woman living in England. Sara's extraordinary correspondence from 1943 to 1945 provides a view of life in London during the Second World War. Sara's letter written in 1947, two years after Gerry left England is unique.

The intent of this web site is to give new life to this WW II correspondence, providing another perspective of the greatest generation. Not all letters are associated with photos and not all photos are identified. Copies of the original letters can be readily understood. I hope a picture, name, handwriting, letterhead or content will aid in identifying a writer.

If a reader recognizes anyone tell them or let me hear from you. Reuniting the letters with their writer's or their family, would be my pleasure. I will respond to every inquiry.

As a suggestion, go to the Index of Sara Tamblyn's letters and read some of them by clicking on the date. Then take a look at the Names and Faces page to see if there is anyone you know.

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